Continued from Pastor Samuel

9 Jan

One Hindu lady who was bedridden for over 4 months and doctors gave up hope was healed by our Lord few weeks ago because of her trust in our Lord, we prayed for her very much. She came to this meeting and testified for Christ healed meeting-2.

we prayerfully hope you also celebrated Christmas in a wonderful way. We all prayed especially for you, and for all the blessed people that are praying and supporting,meetingchildren, staff, our church congregation, Sharon myself and we all wish you A BLESSED, HEALTHY AND PROSPOROUS NEW YEAR-2014.

Please remember us in your kind and precious prayers. Please see the attached pictures.

Yours obedient servant in Christ

Pastor Samuel babu

From Pastor Samuel Babu in Hyderabad, India

31 Dec

We all thank you very much for your very precious prayers and kind and generous support for our ministry that we are doing here in Hyderabad.

Here our children, our staff and church congregation we all celebrated Christmas the birth day of our Savior and king. I shared the Word of God on Christmas from Lk 2:10-14, taking the examples from bible Mt 8:1, Mt chapter 9. Where our Lord healed and brought light and happiness into the life of Leper, woman with bleeding, demon possessed man, and the two blind meeting-2.

This is the only festival which is celebrated in over more than 200 countries and in almost in all the countries of the world. This festival is truly celebrated by the people who are filled by the light of our Lord ( the divine true light) and filled by His grace and those who are delivered by Him from sickness, sin and darkness. The Holy Spirit led our church congregation and me. Many people from different religions attended this meeting and after the meeting hundreds of people came to be prayed for. Praise Godmadhapur thanda meeting

(to be continued)

Christmas gifts for orphans

19 Dec

Siani at New Life wrote the following:

Greetings to you in Jesus name. New Life Academy is a ray of hope to hundreds of poor children here in Orissa. The 300 children enrolled here are from very poor background and unable to pay their tuition fees. Our ultimate goal is to give them Christ centered education and share them the love of Jesus. We need financial help to run the school. Please pray for the God’s provision.


If you give money for any of the following, our donor will send the same children

Give $5 for a school bag for a child.

Gift $5 for a pair of shoes for a child.

Give $15 for a school uniform.

Give $25 for a complete set of books for one child for one school year.

Give $100 to pay one month’s salary for a teacher.

Give $400 for a computer for the school.

Sponsor a student in school per month in USD $20

How would you sleep without a bunk bed?

16 Dec

Siani Harpel from New Life Power Gospel wrote about the needs of the children in the orphanage. He said:

Greetings to you in Jesus most precious name. As you know we have provided double bedded bunks for the children, we need another ten double bedded bunks as nearly 14 children they have not got and we are however managing also some of our teachers stay overnight , so we need at least 10 bunks. Please pray that God will provide needed funds for that. One double bedded bunks cost $80.bunks1bunks2

If you will provide $80 for one bunk, our donor will provide $80 for another bunk. Wouldn’t you like the children to have actual bunks to sleep on instead of sleeping on the floor?

Will you send Christmas gifts?

14 Dec

While you are planning Christmas gifts for the children you love, will you think about the needs of the children in this picture? They live at the New Life Power Gospel Orphanage in Kesenga, Orissa, India. The gifts they truly want and need are new clothes.
If you give $10 for one sweater, the donor will give money for another sweater.
If you give $5 for a pair of shoes, the donor will make sure that another child has a pair of shoes.
If you give $15 for a dress or trousers and shirt, the donor will send money for another child to receive the same.
A school bag costs $5. Imagine how happy two children would be to have a new one for each.


Help a donor help the children!

13 Dec mattress

New Mattresses are needed at New Life Home for Orphans

Have you ever wished you had more money so that you could give more gifts to some needy children? We can help you do that.

A donor has agreed to double each gift you give to the New Life Power Gospel Orphanage and Academy for any amount up to $3000.

We will tell you what their needs are and how much it will cost to meet each part of a need. For example, the orphanage badly needs 60 mattresses for the children’s beds. If you send the $50 needed to purchase one mattress of excellent quality, our donor will purchase another one.

Every penny of the money you send will go for the purpose you intend.

Tomorrow we will tell you of more of the needs you could help with.
Watch this blog!


From Siani Harpel at New Life in Orissa, India

28 Oct

Warm greetings to you in Jesus name. With extensive attention all across the world, it came and went. For a few days Cyclone Phailin in Odisha was all over the media and among people. We all spoke about the effective evacuation and how life loss was minimized.. certainly a commendable job!!

BUT what hasn’t made it to the world’s attention, is the massive aftermath – the ravage caused across the state. Today even when news of this calamity has faded out, more than 12 million people in 16000 villages, 15 districts, over 4.00 lakh houses are left devastated. Figures much bigger than many previous disasters!!

Survivors are left homeless, struggling to resettle in barren lands. Schools, houses, fields, personal belongings to basic food, everything is still a huge issue for millions.

New Life Power Gospel Fellowship has been working in Odisha for many years now. This time the fading attention and the growing need is a tough challenge. We are trying to do our bit but the scale of the crisis calls for a much bigger action. This is urgent, not because of present scenario but also because winters are setting in, which will soon make life much tougher for millions.

Therefore we would like to request you to kindly pray and consider helping Orissa Phailin Victims TODAY. We thank you for taking time to get involved and to make a difference to the severely affected people of Odisha. Thank you and God bless you.

With God’s richest blessings!

Emergency Relief Help Needed in Orissa

13 Oct


Siani Harpel of the New Life Gospel Orphanage and School wrote the following:

Over 500,000 people have already been evacuated, seeking refuge in government shelters and schools, and 12 million people are likely to be affected in the aftermath.

‘Our main concern now is loss of shelter, harvests and livelihoods, which will take affected communities – mainly those relying on farming and fishing – a long time to recover from. When a disaster like this strikes, it is the poor and marginalized that are most affected and without assets to fall back on they will find it extremely difficult to meet their basic needs in the coming months.’

“We ask churches and Christians around the world to pray for the people of Orissa this weekend. New Life Power Gospel Fellowship’s teams are assembling for relief efforts and praying that God will intervene to lessen the storm’s expected effect. The rain and winds keep coming and it is the opportunities for us to show CHRIST to the people effected with the horrible Phailin.

Therefore we would like to request you to kindly pray and consider helping Orissa Phailin Victims. The funds we receive will be used to provide medicines and essential supplies to the people in Orissa and surrounding areas. We commit that all funds raised will be deployed directly to relief operations and that we would do our best to ensure that the money is spent in a manner that provides the most benefit to those affected.

We trust you will donate generously. We thank you for taking time to get involved and to make a difference to the severely affected people of Orissa. Please forward this on to any of your friends, churches, organizations who may want to participate. Every little bit counts for a lot to the victims. Thank you and God bless you.

With God’s richest blessings!

In His Mission

Siani Harpal, Director

New Life Power Gospel Fellowship, Orissa


Storms in Orissa, India

12 Oct

We’ve heard about the terrible storms over the Indian Ocean. Siani Harpel sent the following:

A monstrous and potentially catastrophic cyclone is taking aim on India, with sustained winds estimated at about 161 mph as of Friday, according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center. This is equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane.

Gusts are as high as 195 mph. It’s close to being the strongest storm ever recorded in the Indian Ocean.

The storm (named Phailin) is so large it fills nearly the entire Bay of Bengal, which is part of the Indian Ocean.

Officials ordered at least 40,000 coastal villagers to flee their homes Friday, and authorities plan to take another 100,000 people to safer areas before the cyclone hits.

The “effects to the Indian coast … in terms of surge will be catastrophic, with the potential to erase most houses, crops and infrastructure,” reported WeatherBell meteorologist Ryan Maue on his Twitter account.

Phailin is likely to be the strongest tropical cyclone to affect India in 14 years, when a fierce cyclone hit the east coast of India, killing almost 10,000 people, according to meteorologist Jeff Masters of the Weather Underground.

The weather models meteorologists use to forecast storms are in tight agreement that Phailin will track northwest into the northeast coast of India, with landfall expected to occur Saturday, Masters said.

The storm should hit in India’s Orissa state, reported the typhoon warning center. The state has a population of close to 40 million people, the Odisha government website noted, and has about 700 people per square mile.

Changing a life and helping future generations

28 Aug

Imagine that you knew a young person from an impoverished area in India who was a good student but could not afford to go to college. Imagine if that young person came from a family that lived in great poverty.

Then, imagine that for only $400 a year you could arrange for that person to go to college! Helping a young person continue in education will change the coming generations for that family.

Pastor Samuel in Hyderabad tells us that Archana, the young girl who India’s Children is helping attend nursing school, is doing very well with her education.

We would love to help more young people. Will you help, also?


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