What will I be when I grow up?

30 Oct

IMG_7327 lores
Students who graduate from Mullai School in Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu, are pursuing careers in medicine, teaching and church leadership. That’s a long ways from the career paths of many of their parents, typically daily laborers who earn their living by working on farms, making bricks, carrying loads, driving vehicles and did not receive an education. Many students of Mullai School come from broken homes where fathers are drunkards and the mothers try to provide for the family. Girls of the family do heavy household work and still some of them manage to work hard and do well in studies.

AnandAnand is a student of the first graduating class of Mullai School. He graduated in the year 2007.

Coming from a Hindu family, he accepted Jesus as His Lord and is now a minister among young adults in the church. His brother Satheesh, who graduated from Mullai School in 2012, also accepted the Lord and is now a student in a Veterinary College.

Supporters of India’s Children have helped to pay for the college tuition of these two young men. You can also help children at Mullai School by donating here.

Sangeetha’s Story

28 Oct

Children at Mullai School

I lost my dad when I was 2 years old. I was studying in a local government school in my village. My mother joined Mullai School as a janitor, and subsequently my brothers and I were admitted in this school.

SangeethaWhen I came to this school, I found the atmosphere of this school to be totally different from my previous school. I felt accepted by my classmates.

I came across Christian values which sometimes surprised me. Bible classes happened every morning and evening. Once, a child evangelist visited our school and he did a puppet show. In the puppet show, a child puppet was crying at the loss of her father. And another puppet told the child puppet that Jesus could be her daddy. This touched me a lot because I’d always missed my father. Since then, I started relating to Jesus as my father.

Eventually, I became part of the church, and now I’m a Sunday school teacher. I am studying for my bachelor’s in English literature. I work part-time in Mullai School, and it feels good to still be a part of my school.

What you can do

Mullai School is working hard to retain qualified teachers, as many teachers in India have had very little higher education. Some have only had a two-week course provided by the government. The leadership at Mullai would like to build a staff facility room to benefit the teachers and promote advanced education and teaching resources. You can help them to build a staffroom by donating to Mullai School here.

Volunteers are also requested. If you are interested in a career in education, or would like to volunteer in an international school for any period of time, please let us know. Mullai School would welcome any volunteers that would benefit their student’s development. To inquire about volunteering,


Nandini’s Story

26 Oct

NandiniI joined Mullai School because I had a terrible fight with a friend in my old school. Once I started studying at Mullai School, I attended Christian worship services and I heard about the love of Jesus. I understood that Jesus died for my sins on the cross, and I decided to commit my life to Him.

I went back to my old friend and reconciled with her. I desire to tell people in my family and my village about Jesus. Whenever I do, they mock me and scowl at me. I prayed to Jesus about it. Now, they have let me do what I want.

Before coming to this school, I copied in exams and passed. At Mullai School, I learned to listen and learn in class. I did not know anything about English grammar. But now I have learned a lot in English grammar. Now I am studying in tenth grade and getting ready for my board exams.

Nandini’s school, Mullai, is in need of a library to increase the reading capacity and expand the student’s knowledge of the greater world beyond their village. You can help by donating to Mullai School here.

Continued from Pastor Samuel

9 Jan

One Hindu lady who was bedridden for over 4 months and doctors gave up hope was healed by our Lord few weeks ago because of her trust in our Lord, we prayed for her very much. She came to this meeting and testified for Christ healed her.christmas-13 meeting-2.

we prayerfully hope you also celebrated Christmas in a wonderful way. We all prayed especially for you, and for all the blessed people that are praying and supporting us.christmas-13,meetingchildren, staff, our church congregation, Sharon myself and we all wish you A BLESSED, HEALTHY AND PROSPOROUS NEW YEAR-2014.

Please remember us in your kind and precious prayers. Please see the attached pictures.

Yours obedient servant in Christ

Pastor Samuel babu

From Pastor Samuel Babu in Hyderabad, India

31 Dec

We all thank you very much for your very precious prayers and kind and generous support for our ministry that we are doing here in Hyderabad.

Here our children, our staff and church congregation we all celebrated Christmas the birth day of our Savior and king. I shared the Word of God on Christmas from Lk 2:10-14, taking the examples from bible Mt 8:1, Mt chapter 9. Where our Lord healed and brought light and happiness into the life of Leper, woman with bleeding, demon possessed man, and the two blind men.christmas-13 meeting-2.

This is the only festival which is celebrated in over more than 200 countries and in almost in all the countries of the world. This festival is truly celebrated by the people who are filled by the light of our Lord ( the divine true light) and filled by His grace and those who are delivered by Him from sickness, sin and darkness. The Holy Spirit led our church congregation and me. Many people from different religions attended this meeting and after the meeting hundreds of people came to be prayed for. Praise Godmadhapur thanda meeting

(to be continued)

Christmas gifts for orphans

19 Dec

Siani at New Life wrote the following:

Greetings to you in Jesus name. New Life Academy is a ray of hope to hundreds of poor children here in Orissa. The 300 children enrolled here are from very poor background and unable to pay their tuition fees. Our ultimate goal is to give them Christ centered education and share them the love of Jesus. We need financial help to run the school. Please pray for the God’s provision.


If you give money for any of the following, our donor will send the same amount.school children

Give $5 for a school bag for a child.

Gift $5 for a pair of shoes for a child.

Give $15 for a school uniform.

Give $25 for a complete set of books for one child for one school year.

Give $100 to pay one month’s salary for a teacher.

Give $400 for a computer for the school.

Sponsor a student in school per month in USD $20

How would you sleep without a bunk bed?

16 Dec

Siani Harpel from New Life Power Gospel wrote about the needs of the children in the orphanage. He said:

Greetings to you in Jesus most precious name. As you know we have provided double bedded bunks for the children, we need another ten double bedded bunks as nearly 14 children they have not got and we are however managing also some of our teachers stay overnight , so we need at least 10 bunks. Please pray that God will provide needed funds for that. One double bedded bunks cost $80.bunks1bunks2

If you will provide $80 for one bunk, our donor will provide $80 for another bunk. Wouldn’t you like the children to have actual bunks to sleep on instead of sleeping on the floor?

Will you send Christmas gifts?

14 Dec

While you are planning Christmas gifts for the children you love, will you think about the needs of the children in this picture? They live at the New Life Power Gospel Orphanage in Kesenga, Orissa, India. The gifts they truly want and need are new clothes.
If you give $10 for one sweater, the donor will give money for another sweater.
If you give $5 for a pair of shoes, the donor will make sure that another child has a pair of shoes.
If you give $15 for a dress or trousers and shirt, the donor will send money for another child to receive the same.
A school bag costs $5. Imagine how happy two children would be to have a new one for each.


Help a donor help the children!

13 Dec mattress

New Mattresses are needed at New Life Home for Orphans

Have you ever wished you had more money so that you could give more gifts to some needy children? We can help you do that.

A donor has agreed to double each gift you give to the New Life Power Gospel Orphanage and Academy for any amount up to $3000.


We will tell you what their needs are and how much it will cost to meet each part of a need. For example, the orphanage badly needs 60 mattresses for the children’s beds. If you send the $50 needed to purchase one mattress of excellent quality, our donor will purchase another one.

Every penny of the money you send will go for the purpose you intend.

Tomorrow we will tell you of more of the needs you could help with.
Watch this blog!


From Siani Harpel at New Life in Orissa, India

28 Oct

Warm greetings to you in Jesus name. With extensive attention all across the world, it came and went. For a few days Cyclone Phailin in Odisha was all over the media and among people. We all spoke about the effective evacuation and how life loss was minimized.. certainly a commendable job!!

BUT what hasn’t made it to the world’s attention, is the massive aftermath – the ravage caused across the state. Today even when news of this calamity has faded out, more than 12 million people in 16000 villages, 15 districts, over 4.00 lakh houses are left devastated. Figures much bigger than many previous disasters!!

Survivors are left homeless, struggling to resettle in barren lands. Schools, houses, fields, personal belongings to basic food, everything is still a huge issue for millions.

New Life Power Gospel Fellowship has been working in Odisha for many years now. This time the fading attention and the growing need is a tough challenge. We are trying to do our bit but the scale of the crisis calls for a much bigger action. This is urgent, not because of present scenario but also because winters are setting in, which will soon make life much tougher for millions.

Therefore we would like to request you to kindly pray and consider helping Orissa Phailin Victims TODAY. We thank you for taking time to get involved and to make a difference to the severely affected people of Odisha. Thank you and God bless you.

With God’s richest blessings!


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