Teaching New Life Children to Sew

Siani and Suphala not only want to make certain that the children at New Life receive an education. They also want them to learn a trade in order to be able to support themselves for the rest of their lives.

For that purpose they have purchased eight sewing machines and have hired a woman who is a tailor to teach the children to sew and to do other handwork.

The first evening we were there, the tailor measured us. The next morning there was a wonderful set of clothes for each of us.

On my first Sunday back at home I wore my new clothes to church and explained about New Life School and Home for Children.

I wear these clothes with great joy and pride, knowing where they have come from.

The New Life leaders would love to have even more sewing machines because the boys also want to learn tailoring.


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  1. BernaLee says:

    I sewed my first item, an apron, in Junior High School. I was so proud and wore it even when I only was assigned to peel potatoes, or throw out the trash at home. I still love the handiwork of a fine apron. Teaching a girl a skill allows her life to widen and eventually gain more opportunity for the life she is designed for!

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