Helping disabled people in India

Pastor Samuel in Hyderabad wrote the following:

Dear most beloved, greetings of peace and joy unto you both in the name of our true savior Jesus Christ from our side.

The physically disabled people condition are very pathetic and very pitiable. There is no one who can help these people and the people on whom they are dependent are crying and weeping and groaning because of their ward’s disability and their poverty. When I visited them and saw their physical condition and their utter most poverty my heart filled with grief and I could not control my tears. But I don’t know what I can do for these poorest of poor and disabled people. Their pain and agony and their guardians’ groanings are very great.

I write this letter with hope and faith in Jesus Christ and pray that if may find a little help for these physically challenged people and bring joy in their poverty and bitterest fate devoured lives in Jesus Name. I remembered His word “Whoever is kind to the poor Honors God” Proverb 14:31 NIV I want to help them and I want to give them the love of Jesus Christ. There are as many as 65 poverty stricken physically disabled people here in this region. We need a helping hand, precious prayers to fill joy in these dark lives.

Whenever I am visiting them to preach the love of Jesus they look at our hands with tears in their eyes the poverty, darkness, bad luck and inability are devouring their lives.

Dear beloved, can we do anything? I remember His word “Blessed is he who is kind to the needy” Proverbs 14:21 NIV a little help in gives them a great joy and happiness and opens us new doors for gospel.

Please remember in your kind prayers and we need your prayers and support very much to reach the unreached with the gospel and love of Jesus Christ our Lord. Proverb 3:27. Without your kind help and support their survival is like a lamp in the open, doesn’t know when it goes off.


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  1. Dheeraj Abrol says:

    Could you please write to me with your contact number. We may possibly do something for them. Thanks.

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