A reader asked: From what dangers does the boundary wall protect the children?

Siani’s answer: You asked how the boundary wall protects our children. The wall is necessary for their safety and protection. It curbs the uncalled people for entry from the outside. People without informing us or seeking prior permission try to enter the campus. So it is very important to have a boundary wall around the school and orphanage.

It also prevents some of our mischievous students from going outside without permission.

The wall protects the school from wild dogs and from cattle. Here in Orissa you can find wild dogs and cattle roaming around and the wall protects the children from them.

It protects the property and equipment belonging to the orphanage and school from the hands of thieves and robbers. There are many thieves and robbers around our area and if we have a boundary wall, we are protected from those fellows coming into our orphanage.

It is very important to plaster and colour the boundary wall because of the heavy rain. The rain washes the bricks away and the wall becomes weaker and weaker. There is a serious possibility of the wall crumbling down. If this weak boundary wall falls on any children it means it is very dangerous and will be a great problem. So it is very important and urgent to complete the boundary wall as soon as possible.

I hope this answer will help you to understand the great needs of the children and will inspire you to extend your helping hands toward this worthy project.

Thanking you.


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