Emergency Relief Help Needed in Orissa


Siani Harpel of the New Life Gospel Orphanage and School wrote the following:

Over 500,000 people have already been evacuated, seeking refuge in government shelters and schools, and 12 million people are likely to be affected in the aftermath.

‘Our main concern now is loss of shelter, harvests and livelihoods, which will take affected communities – mainly those relying on farming and fishing – a long time to recover from. When a disaster like this strikes, it is the poor and marginalized that are most affected and without assets to fall back on they will find it extremely difficult to meet their basic needs in the coming months.’

“We ask churches and Christians around the world to pray for the people of Orissa this weekend. New Life Power Gospel Fellowship’s teams are assembling for relief efforts and praying that God will intervene to lessen the storm’s expected effect. The rain and winds keep coming and it is the opportunities for us to show CHRIST to the people effected with the horrible Phailin.

Therefore we would like to request you to kindly pray and consider helping Orissa Phailin Victims. The funds we receive will be used to provide medicines and essential supplies to the people in Orissa and surrounding areas. We commit that all funds raised will be deployed directly to relief operations and that we would do our best to ensure that the money is spent in a manner that provides the most benefit to those affected.

We trust you will donate generously. We thank you for taking time to get involved and to make a difference to the severely affected people of Orissa. Please forward this on to any of your friends, churches, organizations who may want to participate. Every little bit counts for a lot to the victims. Thank you and God bless you.

With God’s richest blessings!

In His Mission

Siani Harpal, Director

New Life Power Gospel Fellowship, Orissa



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