Nandini’s Story

NandiniI joined Mullai School because I had a terrible fight with a friend in my old school. Once I started studying at Mullai School, I attended Christian worship services and I heard about the love of Jesus. I understood that Jesus died for my sins on the cross, and I decided to commit my life to Him.

I went back to my old friend and reconciled with her. I desire to tell people in my family and my village about Jesus. Whenever I do, they mock me and scowl at me. I prayed to Jesus about it. Now, they have let me do what I want.

Before coming to this school, I copied in exams and passed. At Mullai School, I learned to listen and learn in class. I did not know anything about English grammar. But now I have learned a lot in English grammar. Now I am studying in tenth grade and getting ready for my board exams.

Nandini’s school, Mullai, is in need of a library to increase the reading capacity and expand the student’s knowledge of the greater world beyond their village. You can help by donating to Mullai School here.


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