Mullai Comforting Center

IMG_7373 loresTheir Life

Broken homes, irregular income, addictions, lack of love and care—these are only part of the challenges faced by the community we at Mullai work in. Many children who study at Mullai School are from dysfunctional families. At such a tender age, they go through the trauma of living with parents who quarrel most of the time and being abused by fathers who come home drunk. Most children grow up without receiving love and affection from their parents. A few children even have to work after school hours to support their families.

Our Mission

We want these children to experience love and compassion in Jesus Christ. We started Mullai Comforting Center in June 2013 so that young children can receive the message of comfort in Christ. We now have 30 children aged between 3 and 11, who are sponsored by friends and well-wishers, through Mullai Comforting Center. We have many more children we would like to include as we get more sponsors.

IMG_7341 loresYour Part

Mullai is a flower that grows in Tamil Nadu. It gives a sweet aroma, and we want the lives of our children to be the same – a sweet smelling aroma for Christ.

At Mullai School, we give them education and tell them about the love of Jesus. Of 406 children in the school, about 180 are sponsored through the Compassion International program. For tuition, we charge a very nominal fee. There are children who can’t even pay that amount, so the Mullai Comforting Center project was started in June 2013. Now, 32 children are sponsored through Mullai Comforting Center (MCC).

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 7.23.32 PMYou can become an ‘MCC sponsor’ and provide for the needs of one or more children at $10 per child per month (additional $10 for Christmas). Through MCC, a staff member spends time with the child every day, teaching and guiding them. A major part of the tuition fee gets paid through MCC, and the child receives nutritious snacks every evening. They also get clothes for Christmas and a school uniform.

Become an MCC Sponsor at just $10/month per child by enrolling HERE (be sure to select “Make this recurring”) or send a check to India’s Children.


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