Mullai School

mullai school bldgMullai School is located in a village called Mallikuttai in Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu. Students from around this village come to the school. Parents of the children are generally daily laborers who earn their living by working on farms, making bricks, carrying loads, driving vehicles etc. Many students come from broken homes where their fathers is an alchoholic and their mother tries to provide for the family. Girls of the family do heavy household work, and still, some of them manage to work hard and do well in studies.

English and Tamil Language Instruction

Mullai School has 406 students enrolled this year. Families in the villages want to give English-language education to their children. Mullai has classes in Lower Kindergarten to Grade 8 in the English-medium wing and classes from Grade 5 to Grade 10 in the Tamil-medium wing.

About the School Administrator

Gypsy Meadows and Lilian Premkumar - 2008 Teachers Conference in Hyderabad
Gypsy Meadows and Lilian Premkumar – 2008 Teachers Conference in Hyderabad

Lilian Premkumar is the founder and school administrator. She is supported by her husband and pastor, Prem Kumar. Prem and Lilian were living quite contentedly with well-paid jobs in the south of Tamil Nadu, India almost twenty years ago when the Lord called them to Dharmapuri – a place they’d scarcely heard of before even though it was in their very own state. Dharmapuri at that time and still is backward in many ways. When they came to Dharmapuri, Lilian’s heart was moved by the great educational need in the place. They started having classes for the village kids. Eventually, Mullai School was started with 5 children in a thatched shed. Prem started a church here in 1997.

Social Challenges

Here at Mullai, children who have received Jesus and come under the covering of the church have come up well in life. Yet there is another side where a few boys have gone back to alcoholism like their fathers, and the girls are usually married off at a very young age. To address this, they opened Mullai Comforting Center to shelter and guide such kids in life. At MCC, they offer children an opportunity to come to Jesus. But ultimately, the decision is theirs.

Educational challenges

Since many of the students are first-generation learners, some find even basic reading and writing to be very challenging. Therefore, they are teaching the children to read using the book, ‘Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons’. Children who could not read even 3 letter words are now learning to read. The children also lack exposure to the outside world. The world they know is their village community. They believe books can be a very good way of exposing the studetns to the world at large.

Facility Needs

Library under construction
Library under construction

A library is under construction and donations of books and reading material is needed. 75% of the building funds are being sponsored by a company in India. You can help Mullai School with the remaining part of 25% which amounts to Rs. 250,000 ($4,200 USD).

Over the years, God has been providing Mullai with what they need. He has provided them with good classrooms. However, they are in need of a good staff room. You can help with building a staff room would will cost Rs.300,000 ($5,000 USD).

Please Pray

“Even though we try to give the very best education possible, our teachers are from the very same community where the children come from,” says Lilan, school administrator. “Very few of them are Christians. Therefore, we need efficient and committed teachers. We would appreciate volunteers who could come here and work with us for any duration they may want to commit.”

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